Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine
Sara M

Sara M

“This was my first Acupuncture experience, after a series of disappointments with western medical physicians. I have been in chronic pain for a year. The atmosphere was so warm and calm and i was welcomed by a practitioner that made me feel immediately comfortable. After my treatment, my pain and discomfort went from a 6/7 to a 2. I am definitely making this a part of my healthcare routine with this loving community.”


The sterile acupuncture needle represents one of the primary tools Todd utilizes to both get you out of pain and discomfort and set you on the path to a better you. Respected the world around, acupuncture is a time-honored method of healing that has thrived for thousands of years. As with any skilled trade, the tool performs its task to the degree that the Acupuncturist precisely brandishes (commands) the needle. The needle can be thought of as a powerful tool that affects the reordering of circulatory pathways of the body systems.

The adept use of the needle is the clincher to successful treatment.

Armed with these needles, Todd is able to both intervene with musculoskeletal issues, and reset the conditions for functioning to be restored. An informed diagnosis based on history, presenting symptoms, palpation and observation offer the road-map of just where to apply the needles, as well as what techniques are best suited to the task.

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