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Todd's Community Acupuncture Practice

In the winter of 2009, on the heels of the recession, it became abundantly clear to Todd that a great slice of our population was being undeserved in regards to quality medical care. Todd joined a broad national movement called the Community Acupuncture Network (now pocacoop.org) and partnered locally with a dedicated team at Asheville Community Acupuncture  (ACA) to meet the great need of access to affordable care in our greater Asheville community.

The ACA team has been recognized in the Mountain Xpress “Best of” voting for alternative health clinic 9 times. They are proud to have offered a springboard for a number of staff and clients to become inspired to take the long journey towards becoming acupuncturists themselves. ACA today consists of 6 licensed acupuncturists and a team of dedicated practitioner assistants and administrative staff which remains in operation 7 days a week and sees as many as 30 clients in a day.

Gaining Wisdom… Setting a new Path

At Asheville Community Acupuncture Todd gained extensive clinical experience (3,000 plus treatments per year) supporting thousands of clients with a myriad of health conditions. While at ACA, Todd staked his claim on the specialty of orthopedic care and have been honing-in and gaining proficiency over the years. He came to realize that a deeper-level of care and a longer skill-devoted treatment session is required to set his clients on the path to pain-free living.

Now, finally after steeping himself in orthopedic acupuncture for the past several years, Todd wholeheartedly commit to our Mountain community with this most valuable of medicines.

Todd's Specialty: How can Todd help you?

Treating pain and orthopedic issues to open up the pathways to free-flowing movement

Todd specializes in addressing your orthopedic injuries and resetting the conditions to allow you the quality life that you deserve. While Todd targets your musculoskeletal issues (issues of pain, weakness or other manifestations) to offer palpable relief, he takes it further by examining the underlying factors that resulted in your imbalance. Todd then equips you with the tools you will need to keep you out of pain and discomfort so you may resume living your life fully while keeping your body and mind in motion.

Whole-Person Centered

Central to the philosophy of Chinese Medicine is the ability to see the forest through the trees. While Todd pays the utmost attention and respect to your issues, shining a light on your biggest concerns and goals, he promises to view you in light of who you are, in order to bring about the most integral change. Much as a gardener conditions the soil of his whole plot, the complete practitioner tends to the whole terrain of the human body.

Todd’s Commitment to Mastery

Todd is proud to stand out as the only acupuncturist specializing in orthopedic medicine in the Swannanoa Valley. If you entrust Todd to your care, you deserve to know that he has committed to a mastery of orthopedic acupuncture medicine.

Todd came to the point along his path where he had to choose to keep being a generalist supporting the broad complexity of our community, or hone in and develop mastery in addressing the number one reason people seek him out– pain management. He chose the latter. It is clear to Todd that addressing the complex terrain of musculoskeletal issues is a vast subject matter, one that deserves his utmost attention and lifelong commitment.

A Word About the Choice to Specialize

In 2014 Whitfield Reaves, one of Todd’s mentors, spoke to Todd about how to achieve mastery in the field of orthopedic acupuncture. He offered keen insight that guided Todd along his path to specialization. In essence, Whitfield Reaves said:

“To achieve mastery in orthopedic acupuncture, or any specialty, you have to steep yourself completely in the subject while letting go of other areas of focus. Once you decide you want to be good, and proficient at something, whatever that specialty may be, then your focus eliminates a lot of other areas of activity, study, practice, etc.

It takes a certain willingness to plunge into this area of specialization. It creates grief, really. Because, once you decide you want to be good, and proficient at something, whatever that specialty may be, then your focus eliminates a lot of other areas of activity, study, practice, etc. It is a loss, a true letting go. It sounds like you need to make this decision at some point in the near future. The laws of yin and yang say that you can’t keep learning and increasing your knowledge base without letting go of something else. Something new comes in, something old has to be let go of.”

Todd Walker’s Commitment to Lifelong Learning

Todd knows that he is travelling a lifelong learning path and that the path takes patience, perseverance and gradual unwavering progress. Todd continues to study and better his skills all the time, logging 300 plus hours a year of continuing education (above and beyond the 40 hour requirement) in order to best serve you.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” – Lao Tze

Credit Where Credit is due

The following teachers and mentors have aided Todd’s mastery along the path:

Blue Ridge Mountain Pathways

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