About Chinese Medicine

Reset the conditions for health to thrive

Time-tested for thousands of years, put in the most simple way, Chinese Medicine is based upon observing patterns of nature and applying these understandings to the workings of the human body. With such keen insight into the relationships of health or its lack in the body, a focused practitioner is well equipped to open pathways to bring our health back into balance.

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine for Pain


Chinese Medicine and acupuncture shines as a top-rate tool for treating pain and orthopedic issues. Pain, weakness and immobility represent a blockage in the pathways of the body’s circulation system. This blockage is an obstacle to the natural movement our dynamic bodies need.

At Pathways Wellness Center, Todd Walker works to help remove the obstacle that stands in your path and reset the conditions for open pathways to flow. A further investigation of your condition and overall constitution may inform him to also address underlying deficiencies. Our task always turns towards keeping you on the right path forward to sustain optimal health and freedom of movement.

Pain is an Opportunity for Healing and Change

Our Mountain Streams as a Metaphor for Pain Relief

When an abundant stream swells from the summer rains, it is easy to see the damage that may occur downstream as the water swells its banks. In contrast a drought will have repercussions well into subsequent seasons.

Consider this analogy when applied to a physical injury. An injured elbow may swell up to the point where the tissues expand beyond their normal “banks”, causing debris and compromise downstream of the injured site. Heat will likely manifest at the site of the injury both up and downstream as the body works hard to repair the damage.

Long-term, if the injury is not sufficiently addressed in this acute phase to allow recovery of function and mobility, the area downstream of this injury may develop conditions of dryness (drought), whereby tendons, muscles and blood vessels become starved for nourishment, nutrients and repair.

What appears obvious in nature is applied to understanding cause and effect in the human body with striking clarity.- Andrew Nugent-Head

How Can Eastern and Western Medicine Support Each Other?

Not only do both paradigms of medicine and healing absolutely have their place, but are very supportive to each other and empowering to the client. The tide is turning in the world of medicine as today allopathically trained medical doctors are referring to acupuncturists more than any other complementary medicine professional.

Chinese Medicine focuses on supporting the conditions in which health thrives by facilitating the body’s innate healing resources. It is a medicine of intervention, prevention and wellness. Western Medicine is a true treasure trove when it comes to intervention and what we may call “heroic medicine”, that requiring drastic measures, such as necessitated by life-saving surgery.

In fact, surgery is one example of how the two paradigms may support each other. Chinese Medicine may be well employed both before and after surgery to bolster the immune system in preparing for the impact on the body as well as in expediting an effective and balanced recovery. It has been noted by Western medicine doctors who have shared clients with other Acupuncturists, and other “alternative” health care practitioners, that the post-surgery recovery was twice as fast as the typical timeframe.

Similarly, where Western medicine may utilizes pharmaceutical medicine to target a certain area of the body, Chinese medicine will utilize acupuncture, herbs and counsel to engender a holistic approach to healing, augmenting the body’s own ability to affect the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

A person may find profound support utilizing both Western and Eastern medicines together to regain a footing in mental health. Just as the wisdom of the yin yang symbol points out, there are many such examples where these two seemingly polar opposite fields of medicine may be mutually supportive.

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